Which map should I use on my trip to Cuba?

Before coming, you should install the MAPS.ME app and download the map of Cuba. It is the best application for our country since It does not need Internet access to locate yourself and the places you may want to go. This app only needs to have GPS enabled. Within the app, you can save as many favorite places as you want. When you need to find any place just type the name and it will show you how to get to your destination. In Cuba, there is not access to Apple Store, so if you have an IOS device It´s important you download the app and the maps before coming.

How does MAPS.ME app works?

To know How does MAPS.ME app works, open this PDF.

How much luggage should I take for my trip to Cuba?

Do not bring too much luggage because it will hinder you in your stay. Most houses and buildings in Cuba do not have elevators. Besides, bigger taxis are more expensive.

How does Internet work in Cuba?

Internet access in our country is very different from what you are used to. ETECSA is the company that manages everything related to the Internet and telephony in Cuba. This company sells Internet cards which are the most common way to access the Internet (just a few houses have Internet access service). To use internet cards, you must visit one of the WiFi areas that are distributed throughout the city, whether hotels, parks or streets. It can be easily identified when you see several people in the same place interacting with their mobile phones. In these places, the identifier of the WiFi connection is WiFi ETECSA. Internet cards have a user and a password and you can consume the connection time at different moments as long as you conserve the credentials that appear in the card. There is not free internet access at the airport.

What do Internet cards look like in Cuba?

To see what the internet cards look like, open this PDF.

What does the Internet access web page look like in Cuba?

– To see what the I nternet access web page looks like, open this PDF.

Cash or credit cards in Cuba?

You must bring the money in cash. Most credit cards are useless in Cuba.

Which are the currencies used in Cuba?

In Cuba, there are two currencies, CUC and CUP. The exchange rate between them is 1CUC = 24 or 25CUP. Tourist will pay with CUC in most places.

To see the currency types in Cuba, open this PDF.

What are the USD, CAD, MXN and EURO exchange rates in Cuba?

The USD exchange rate is 1USD = 0.87CUC, the CAD exchange rate is 1CAD= 0.74CUC, the MXN exchange rate is 1MXN= 0.05CUC and they do not vary frequently. The EURO exchange rate varies daily in Cuba, although it remains that the EURO is more valuable than our local currency (CUC).

Where is the Havana Airport located?

Havana Airport is located on the outskirts of Havana about 30-40 minutes from downtown. The only possible way to go from the airport to the center of the city is to take a taxi.

How much should I pay for a taxi from the airport?

At your departure from the airport, you can find two types of taxis: modern taxis of standard dimensions (maximum capacity of 4 people) and Minivan taxis (maximum capacity of 10 people). Modern cars of standard dimensions will cost between 25-30cuc in total, not per person, and Minivans will cost between 30-40cuc in total, not per person.

What other types of transportation are there in Cuba?

You can use Viazul to move within Cuba. It is a bus agency that travels to the main destinations in every province of the country. You must go to buy the ticket in advance. These buses do not travel to the Cays. Viazul’s Havana office is located in the bus station of the province. Address: Independencia Ave. between Bruzón St. and 19 de Mayo St., Plaza Municipality.

Are all taxis recommended?

Only use the agency’s taxis for long trips. Agency’s taxis have permission for tourists transportation. Another way, there exists the risk that the police stop the taxi and you lose your trip.

Where can I make the currency exchange?

Change your money at the airport, in banks or in CADECA, it is the same exchange rate. Hotels have exchange rates that penalize foreign currency.

Can I pay in different places using foreign currencies?

You can pay at several restaurants/bars using your foreign currency, but they will accept your currency at the exchange rate that they decide.

How is Havana distributed?

To see the distribution of Havana areas, open the following PDF.

How much should I pay for a taxi inside Havana?

These are the prices you must pay when taking a standard size modern taxi (4 people maximum) in Havana when you move to each one of the following locations. Prices are in total, not per person, and only one way.

*Playa Municipality is an area of Havana and its name does not mean it has bath areas.

Should I always carry the passport with me?

You must always carry the passport with you. You do not need to carry the visa.

Is Cuba a safe place?

Cuba is a VERY SAFE country, but do not trust everyone. Before accepting any help, make sure you are not being charged for it. Take special care of those people who take to your lodging place, you may be putting in risk your goods and those of the lodging.

Is it mandatory to leave a tip?

It is not mandatory to leave tip in the places you visit. You can decide if the service you had received deserves tip. However, many places have already included in the account a 5% or 10% tax by the service.

How can I make phone calls in Cuba?

The code for mobile phone calls to a mobile phone in Cuba is (+53). Mobile phones always start with a 5 behind the code, which would be (+53) 5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

To call a fixed phone you must use the same code (+53) followed by the code of each province, so it would be: Havana (+53) 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , Matanzas (+53) 45 _ _ _ _ _ , Pinar del Rio (+53) 48 _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

To call from fixed phone to a mobile phone you should not use the country code, you just need to dial the mobile number, remember that mobile phones start with 5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _. To call from a fixed phone to another fixed phone you only have to dial the province code followed by the corresponding number, it would be: Havana 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , Matanzas 45 _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Pinar del Río 48 _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Will I be able to make calls from my mobile phone while in Cuba?

In our country only some foreign SIM cards will work for calls and messages, but the cost of calls and messages will be high. Some SIM cards will allow you to access the internet from mobile at a high cost as well.

Should I bring mosquito repellent?

If you plan to visit places outside the city like Viñales, Las Terrazas, Soroa, etc., you should bring mosquito repellent.

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