Private driver

The relaxing experience of traveling with the confidence that someone always waits for you. The safety, comfort and elegance of classic cars at your complete disposal up to twelve hours a day. This is the perfect option for those adventurers who want to visit Cuba without a fixed destination, feeling free to go wherever their desires to explore take them.


** The classic American car has a capacity of up to 5 people. The minivan has a capacity of up to 8 people. In both cases the price is total, not per person. Payment of the service will be made per day to the driver. This service does not include a guide.**

What should you know?

♦  The driver will be at your disposal approximately 12 hours daily.

♦ You do not have to pay for fuel, this is already included in the price. You do not have to pay neither for his food nor for a place to stay for the driver.

♦  The driver will be able to communicate with you in English but only for schedule, addresses and certain indications in most cases.

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