Varadero is a paradise of white sands that extends for 22 kilometers with a sea of turquoise waters as clear as crystal. The most beautiful beach in the Cuban archipelago, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is considered, due to its perennial tropical light, its exotic and exuberant vegetation and the warmth of its waters, one of the main tourist attractions for European travelers. According to the Travelers’Choice 2018 awards, organized by TripAdvisor, Varadero was ranked third in the list of the best beaches in the world. For those who enjoy a brown skin, the freshest and cleanest breeze, to swim on a beach that looks almost like an infinity pool, Varadero is the perfect choice.

On the way to Varadero, the monumental bridge of Bacunayagua, one of the seven wonders of civil engineering in Cuba, represents almost a mandatory stop. At 103 meters above sea level, enjoying a piña colada and one of the most impressive views of the island, only the promise of a spectacular Varadero will give you reasons to leave the place and continue the trip.

The caves of Saturn are the perfect contrast on this trip. Just a few kilometers from the Varadero beach, this cave flooded over 20 meters deep is an excellent resort for adventurers. Even though these are not at all the warm waters of Varadero, they are crystalline enough to see as far as the darkness of depth allows.


** In all cases the price is total, not per person. This service does not include a guide.**

It includes:

Trip to Varadero / Piña Colada on the Bacunayagua bridge / cost of the entrance to the Saturn’s Cave / return trip.

What should you know?

♦ The payment will be done to the representative of Easy Trip Havana, who will be well identified and will carry the cartel chosen by you. Only if this person is not there, the payment will be done directly to the driver.

♦ You will find places near the beach where you can buy drinks and snacks.

♦ Prices for lunch in the area starts from 6cuc / person and up.

What should you bring?

♦ You must bring sunscreen, towels and bathing suit.

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